1609875 MS Multiscan Digital

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This is a portable handheld scanner with a mechanical 5.0 MHz Sector Probe. The probe has no freeze

function, in order to lengthen its life, and make it more robust and water-proof. The Multiscan uses

micro computer technology, digital scanning conversion (DSC), high dynamics, low noise, wide band

receiver, log compression, dynamic filtering and border image. Those built-in components give a stable

image with high resolution.


Technical specifications:

• 5.5 Inch TFT display, 256 grey scale

• Display modes B, B+B, B+M, M.

• Scan depth 192 mm.

• Zoom: X1.0, X1.2, X 1.5,X 2.0

• Power supply AC-Adapter (built in battery).

• Battery capacity 2200mAh.

• Video output: PAL-AV output.

• Energy consumption 17VA.

• Measurements 236 x 129 x 44 mm.

Characteristics MS Multiscan:

  • Compact en light weight
  • Perfect image quality
  • Freeze function
  • TFT (colour) screen with the possibility to change the character into 5 different colors
  • High screen resolution 640x 480 bits
  • Scanning depth up to 190 mm
  • 128 images can be stored permanently

Scan options:Uterus,Cervix

The scanner is delivered in a lockable case complete with battery and recharger.

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