4508425 MS Semen storage Pro, 150 L

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Product description

The MS Semen storage Pro is a semen storage cabinet for professionals. This storage cabinet has very accurate temperature control with both cooling and heating capability, which ensures a stable and consistent temperature, even under extreme conditions.

• Net content: 150 litres

• A very durable and energy efficient unit, through high quality insulation with 45 mm PU insulation foam

• A large and easily readable LCD display shows the set and actual temperatures with an accuracy of 0.1 °C

• Temperature is adjustable from 0-60 ° C. Achieving the desired temperature is also dependent on the ambient temperature and how full the cabinet is (in a test with an empty storage cabinet and ambient temperature 20 ° C, temperatures from 0 to 60 ° C were realized without any problem). The cabinets standard set temperature (for application as sperm storage) is 17.0 °C

• In working tests over extended periods and with extreme conditions (test environment form -5 °C to 50 °C), the cabinet maintained stable 17.0 °C

• The storage cabinet can be disinfected with a UVC-lamp. This requires triple handling, with the UVC function expressly activated each time. It is possible to disinfect all the components in place in the cabinet

• Accurate PID controller, which maintains temperature with an accuracy of 1 °C

• The fan ensures optimal air circulation. Forced air circulation over the heating element and cooling condenser maintains and even temperature throughout the cabinet

• The heating element and cooling condenser are fitted behind a double wall, which ensures that the rear plate in the cabinet cannot ice up or become extremely cold. In traditional storage cabinets, the sperm cannot be stored against the rear wall because the temperature can become too low there

• Equipped with three trays for storing the sperm equally distributed in the cabinet. This allows the system to reach the set temperature both quickly and consistently

• The cabinets interior is finished in mirror smooth stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. It also provides plenty of reflection for optimum UVC disinfection

• The exterior is finished with a powder-coat

• 230 Volts Max. capacity 500 Watts

• Cooling capacity: 400 Watts (using 135 Watts of supply power)

• Heating capacity: 300 Watts

• The MS Semen storage Pro is suitable fot use with the temperature monitoring semen storage (4508426)

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