4509964 MS Flat-packs, 250 pieces

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Product description

MS Flat-packs, a new insemination bag which offers all the advantages of the traditional packages (tube, cochette and bottle). The bags are free of BADGE, PVC, BPA and Cyclin Lactone which may have a toxic impact on semen.

• Supplied with a spout, which fits any kind of catheters or tube extension

• Extremely easy to open, and it is very unlikely to be damaged by the catheter

• Open it by simply breaking the spout out of the bag

• No pressure to release the semen, rather, semen is drawn naturally by the sow

• Made of soft, semen-friendly material

• Very easy to use when inseminate sows

• Has a UV-filtering layer, which is better for the viability of semen

• Easy and compact in storage

• Accurate filling

• Useful in combination with a manual sealer

• Sold per roll, 6 rolls in a carton

• 250 pieces on a roll

M4509721 Semen bottle with cap, 500 pieces

Characteristics A.I. bottle with screw-cap:

• With snap-off tip and closure

• Capacity of the bottle is 100 ml

• With 20 ml graduations

• Available in the colours green, red, black and white

The bottle will be delivered standard with cap and is packed per 10 pieces in a bag and

per 500 pieces in a box

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