4404855 MS Heatmat large excluding sensor

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Product description

Electronic heat mats for use in piglet bedding. Heat is essential for healthy pigs.

• Decreasing piglet deaths by preventing rapid temperature variations and crushing

• An innovative alternative to warm water heating

• It is easy to install on top of all existing floors and slats

• The mats consist of special glass-fibre plastic and heating wire especially produced for this purpose

• Guarantees even heat distribution over the whole surface

• Equipped with 6 mm of isolation, reducing the energy consumption by upto half, now only 60-80 Watts per mat (depends on size of the mat)

• The electric cable (4,5 m) is protected against moisture and chewing by animals with a flexible stainless steel tube

• Dimension: 120 x 40 cm

• Custom sizes can be ordered in quantities of 50 pieces

Additional information

Specifics: Warranty: 1 year from delivery date. (There is no warranty for wear and tear parts, in case of improper use, breakage damage and failure to maintain)

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