(English) 4508573 MS Dilufert Silver, 1 L

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(English) Product description

MS Dilufert is a semen extender for extending and conserving sperm, so that it remains “viable” longer and can be used at a later time. MS Dilufert semen extender should be used in optimum hygiene and health conditions.

Available in different sizes

• Excellent solubility

• Optimum nutrition

• Standard antibiotics level; penicillin and streptomycin

• Does not contain animal ingredients

• Max. storage period: 3-4 days

• Dosage: 44.64 grams/liters

Additional information


• 44.64 grams of MS Dilufert per 1 litre


• Bring 1 litres of demineralised water to the right temperature: 32-36°C

• Take 400 ml of water and carefully add the contents of the package

• Then add the rest of the water while stirring

Tips for users:

• Must be stored and transported at a temperature between 6-25°C

• Store unopened bags in a cool and dry place

• Avoid contact with direct sunlight

• By using Anhydrous glucose as a buffer nutrient, the semen is more stable and of higher quality. With Anhydrous glucose it takes a little longer before the solution is complete, <5min. If necessary, after 5 min. stir again and/or wait because the product is 100% soluble at the correct dosage

Technical specifications:

• Contents: 44.64 grams

• Number of litres of semen extender: 1 litres

• Colour: white

Registration number:

• Complies with EC 90/429/EEC


• Meets EC 90/429/EEC


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